Our Quality Policy

We are aware of the importance of Product Safety, Continuity in Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Consistency in the Business in Forging and Lifting Equipment Sector, which is our field of activity since 1969. Based on these principles; we accept the following as our Commitment and Quality Policy;

  • To continuously improve all processes affecting the quality of our Products and Services by following technological developments, with the participation of our employees,

  • To plan and implement preventive approaches to improve our performance by reviewing our business processes with a self-assessment process in achieving our goals,

  • To be prepared for changing market conditions and to shape the change in the sector by working in mutual cooperation and trust with our suppliers and customers,

  • To ensure persistent and increasing customer satisfaction by continuously supporting our high knowledge and experience in our business with developing technology,

  • To increase the contribution we provide to our country's economy day by day with our international and domestic works, never compromising on the principles of quality, health, safety of life, social peace, environmental protection and basic social values,

  • To raise the competencies of all our employees by sharing training, awareness and information under the leadership of development and to ensure their development,

  • To be a Leading Company preferred in our sector and proud to be a part of its employees,

Our main objective is to continuously improve all our processes and to meet the current and future expectations of our customers, through the adoption and implementation of our Quality Policy by our employees.

Our Environmental Policy

As Akyüzlü Forging and Lifting Equipment, we are aware of our responsibilities towards the environment. We have adopted as a principle to comply with or even exceed the standards on human health, safety of the enterprise and protection of the environment.

As Akyüzlü Forging and Lifting Equipment Senior Management and its All Employees, we are committed;

  • To fulfill our legal responsibilities regarding the protection of the environment and nature, and apply the applicable legal regulations and standards,

  • To determine all the risks that occur as a result of our activities and to reduce their negative effects on the environment, to work to prevent pollution while it is still at its source, as much as possible,

  • To provide the necessary human, technology and financial resources to reduce the risks for environmental emergencies, the efficient use of energy and the environmental impact,

  • To enable our stakeholders to understand the ecological environmental systems they live in, to grasp their place in the system, and to provide them with skills and habits for effective participation in the solution of environmental problems,

  • With the awareness that we have inherited the environment we live in and we are responsible for leaving a livable environment to our children, to accept continuous development and improvement in harmony with the environment as a social duty in the planning and implementation of all our processes,

  • To apply waste-reducing recycling techniques in order to minimize the factors that may cause environmental pollution and to use natural resources rationally and economically,

  • To continuously inspect the system and activities we have established and keep it open to inspection by the relevant Parties,

To ensure the continuity of Environmental Quality within the whole of Total Quality Management, which is open to the public opinion.

Occupational Health and Safety

As AKYÜZLÜ Senior Management, we work with all our assets to be a quality and reliable brand at the stage of during and after reaching our products to our customers.

To reach our reason for existence; our primary goal is to protect the health and safety of all our employees, and our commitment to ensure continuous improvement by renewing our Occupational Health and Safety Policy in line with current conditions and developments;

As Akyüzlü Forging and Lifting Equipment Senior Management and its All Employees, we are committed;

  • With the Zero Accident, Zero Occupational Disease mission, our most important value is our Employees,

  • We undertake to act in accordance with the applicable National and International Occupational Health and Safety regulations and other requirements in every place we operate.

To realize our commitment;

  • We accept creating a healthy and safe working environment as a basic principle,

  • We develop methods, targets and management programs to establish a Sustainable Occupational Health and Safety Management System and continuously improve its performance,

  • To prevent work accidents and occupational diseases; we identify and evaluate OHS risks and take measures to reduce the risks,

  • We work to create a safe working and living culture and raise awareness in our employees, suppliers and visitors,

We work with all our strength to be an exemplary organization with our OHS practices.

Our Certificates